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This conference. designed by a law school communicator, was created specifically for law school communication and PR professionals and leaders. Participants met top journalists and education editors in key cities to hone their understanding of the topics they cover, make the right contacts for their school, and broaden professional networks.



More than 200 participants attended to take part in a wide rane of panel discussions and networking events. Highlights of the panels include:


Moot Courtroom

Robert Morse, Chief Data Strategist, U.S. News, discussed the law school rankings including a methodology overview and answer questions relating to law school data, law school rankings, and issues related to the print guide book law schools section. Mr. Morse was joined onstage by Kenneth Hines, Data Analyst, U.S. News & World Report.


National TV and Radio Producers & How They Use Legal Experts

Speakers included Mike Melia, Senior Broadcast Producer, PBS NewsHour; Dave Shaw, Editor, American Public Media's Marketplace Radio; and Denise Couture, Senior Producer, The Diane Rehm Show  


National Legal and Higher Education Writers

Speakers included Delece Smith-Barrow, US News and World Report; Autumn A. Arnett, Senior Writers, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education; Dianne Donovan Senior Editor, Commentary, The Chronicle of Higher Education; and Steve Drummond, Senior Education Editor, NPR News.

George Washington University Law School

Law School Communicators Media Conference

June 18-19, 2015

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